Happy 4th // OuterSpace Mural Bike Ride // Linked Instagram Feed to Site

Wsup ATL! Just finished the OuterSpace Project mural bike ride.  Awesome new work around the A.  I figured out how to link my instagram feed to the site so check out pics on instagram as well.  I just can't figure out why multiple pic posts don't link with all the pics.  Linking instagram helps share pics since I have fallen way behind uploading photos of lovely Atlanta.  

Happy 4th of July! 

1Love ATL

Sunrise Ride

Been a while since I hit the blog.  All is well in A-T-L!  Sunrise bike ride on the morning of June 4th was peaceful.  Check out the pic of the route.  1Love


I love you A-T-L! Just want to say the public art performance "Bust It Open" by Danielle Deadwyler hosted by Living Walls was simply amazing!  I hope LW has more similar events lined up.  Enjoy the beautiful weekend...Atlanta Streets Alive is tomorrow, so hit the streets!



Critical Mass rocked - great views of Westside ATL - check the route in the pic

Saturday was beautiful

Did some good Sunday


Beautiful Weekend

A-T-L!!! wonderful weekend.  met a lady named Lee Butler that reads her poetry to ATLiens on the North Avenue beltline overpass on Saturdays from 1pm-3pm.  love her energy and love for ATL. I ate good, did good, rode good, smoked good, heard good music, & found a FAFATL treat.


Spring Forward

Chill weekend.  Spent Sat in Clarkston doing good.  Took the Castleberry Hill Historic walking tour on Sunday. If you love Atlanta history you'll love this walk.  Met the owner of OLG Eatery and saw the collection of murals in the parking lot.  This property has got a special touch to it.  Excited to see the next mural go up there.

Finally started on the OuterSpace Project pictures from 2016.  

1Love ATL

Happy 10 COI

City of Ink had Castleberry Hill and ATL amped up Friday night...HBD! I had the pleasure 10 years ago to watch Tuki work up close and personal...man 10 years flew by.

1Love ATL...enjoy the rest of this beautiful weekend.


1Love ATL

Yo, amazing weekend!

high fived Maria Saporta at Westside Future Fund meeting

Decatur was beautiful

dunk contest pooped

"i miss the old Kanye" party at the Basement in EAV rocked

hit up a warehouse party off westside beltline

edgewood pizza was delicious

wrapped up at SoundTable

spent time in Clarkston  with Syrian Refugee friends

biked ATL and ran into Nells and Vayne puttin up new work! First time meeting them and the couple behind allcitymurals.com!  

1Love ATL, thank you for the inspiration!


atlantastreetart.com RiDe (see pic)

Another beautiful day in the A! All the Forward Warrior 2016 pics are on the site.  I'm adding 2017 pics as it happens so check that out as well.  I still have tons of 2016 pics to add to get that gallery completed (starting with Outer Space Project 16 pics).

Falcons host NFC championship next weekend!

1Love ATL

Beautiful Morning! Let's Go Falcons!

Beautiful morning in ATL today! I biked around Castleberry Hill, the Dome, Downtown, Inman Park, Candler Park, then back downtown to catch the meeting at Underground with the developers looking to purchase Underground.  I'm amped up for the Falcons...I booed my fair share of Seahawk fans this morn!  Gotta let em know they in our house!

Rise Up!

Happy New Year ATL!

Downtown Atlanta was alive tonight! Parties in Fairlie-Poplar & Castleberry Hill, college football fans in town, last peach drop at Underground, South Broad Street was vibin.  Some streets were blocked off which made for easy biking.  Centennial Olympic Park was my favorite spot tonight with the lights and the 360 view.  Tremendous sights and sounds tonight of lovely Atlanta. I took in the last peach drop at Underground.  Lots of love in the streets after new year.  Heard lots of people yelling Happy New Year to each other and partook with them! Everybody was happy for a brief 5 minute period. A couple pics below.   

1Love and Happy New Year ATL!

Wsup ATL...have a safe NYE!

ATL! Critical mass was wonderful last night.  Check out the pic to see the mapped bike ride.  The ride takes place the last Friday of every month.  Take off point is Woodruff Park at 630pm.  

500 photos of Atlanta Street Art are up on the site.  That gets me through May 2016.  Tons more to upload.  Excited to get the Forward Warrior and OuterSpace Project pics up.

1Love ATL

Back in the A

Back in the A now and have tons of 2016 pics to upload. 

I visited Detroit over the Xmas weekend...sick street art up there (attached is the work of Atlanta's own Greg Mike in Detroit).  Enjoy!

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